Our employees are our most valuable asset. We provide excellent working conditions and emphasize ethics, respect and the freedom to express opinions, ideas and criticism. We want to encourage, motivate and win entrepreneurial and pro-active employees who think result oriented. We want to offer compensation and benefits corresponding to the performance of the individual and to the respective contribution of the employee towards the objectives of our company.

If you would like to work in a challenging aviation industry environment, SRS is a place for you to contribute and prosper. Within SRS you will find the expertise, professionalism and passion for excellence to ensure your continual career growth and success. At SRS, all team members work together to deliver client satisfaction. At SRS, you will:

– Hit the ground running
– Never stop learning
– Be rewarded
– Every day brings a new challenge
– Give back to the community
– Be inspired by others

SRS is in business to be a source of help to its employees, contributing to their intrinsic and extrinsic needs. We consistently look for new ways to improve our benefit package.

If you are interested in applying at SRS, you may send your resume via email to the below email address: